PENTAX Medical INSPIRA™ Video Processor

The most recent video processor from PENTAX Medical has been developed with a focus on meeting the needs of patients and through collaboration with endoscopists. Its purpose is to enhance both diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities:

This innovative device ensures optimal image quality for the current PENTAX Medical endoscope models while also laying the foundation for future cutting-edge technologies. INSPIRA opens the door to advanced technologies that enhance clinical outcomes with each generation of endoscopes.1)

Bridging generations of endoscopes with INSPIRA

Through its classic connector, INSPIRA enables the connection of legacy endoscopes,2) elevating their image quality. This extension of their lifespan safeguards the investment made in PENTAX Medical endoscopes.

A pathway to the future of endoscopes

The new connector port establishes a link with the latest endoscope technology and forthcoming generations. This positions INSPIRA as a forward-looking platform, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness for years to come.


PENTAX Medical INSPIRA™ Video Processor Fact Sheet